In, pages are made up of sections. You can see them as "blocks" that you can order from top to bottom, like a navbar, a footer or a hero.

To visualize them (and reorder them), click on the "Navigator".

You'll see all the sections on your page as the top-most elements in the tree.

You can also recognize them on the page by the black icon on their top-right corner.

Ok, that's cool, but how do I add a new section?

Go to the "Add" tab"/>

Here, you'll find 3 different places from where you can drag and drop sections:

Design library: where you can find sections that are part of your website's theme

Website's sections: where you can reuse sections already on other pages of your site (like navigation bars and footers). Learn how to use them here.

Marketplace: where you can find sections from other themes or made by the community

Be sure to select "sections" in each category, then you can scroll or search for a specific section by its name.

Once you've found it, you can drag and drop it on your page 😉

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