In, sections are made up of elements. You can see them as the "basic blocks" that compose a webpage, like buttons, text or inputs.

To visualize them (and reorder them), click on the "Navigator".

You'll see all the sections on your page as the enclosed elements in the tree.

You can also recognize them on the page by their inline editing options.

Ok, that's cool, but how do I add a new element?

Go to the "Add" tab"/>

Here, you'll find 3 different places from where you can drag and drop elements:

Toolkit: the most basic but also most useful elements that are always available to you

Design library: where you can find elements that are part of your website's theme

Marketplace: where you can find elements from other themes or made by the community

Be sure to select "elements" when you're browsing the Design library or the Marketplace. Then you can scroll or search for a specific element by its name.

Once you've found it, you can drag and drop it on your page!

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