In, your site can fetch content coming from multiple data sources. One of them is Airtable.

For example, let's say you want to create a section with repeating content coming from an Airtable base, it's totally possible 😲

Even better, you can create pages automagically by using Airtable. Each instance of this page will inherit from the same design 🙌

How to set up the Airtable data source

Click on "data" at the top of your screen, then on "airtable" 👇

Copy/paste your API key from Airtable, and continue 👇

Then, click on "add table", and fill the next screen with these data:

Base: the name of the Airtable base you want to use

Table: the name of the table you want to use in your base

View: the name of the view you want to use in your table

Display by: the field from Airtable rows will use to display data associated to a row

Filter by formula: an Airtable filter formula to help you filter rows fetched by

Sort: rules to sort rows fetched by

Then, continue by clicking "add table". You can continue adding Airtable tables or continue by clicking "save tables". If you do so, do not forget to synchronize your data by clicking on "synchronize table" 👇

Then, click "done". Your tables are now synced to the editor 👌

Now, time to do something with this data!

To bind some Airtable data to a page element, follow this tutorial
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