You want to fetch data coming from a WordPress site, like blog articles, to display them in your WeWeb's website?

You're at the right place 👌

We'll see how to connect your WordPress site to WeWeb. It shouldn't be long 😉

Add the WPGraphQL plugin to your WordPress site can fetch data from any source as long as it had an API. WordPress' sites don't have any by default, but that can be solved by installing plugins.

So, to continue, you'll have to install this plugin to your WordPress instance.

Don't know how to install plugins? No worries, we got you covered.

First, go to your WordPress admin panel and click plugins 👇

Then, click on "Add new" to land on the plugins' marketplace.

Now, search for the "WPGraphQL" plugin in the search bar. Install the first plugin appearing when you're finished typing (it should look like the screenshot below 👇)

Once it's done installing, click on "Activate".

That's it, you've successfully configured an API on your WordPress site. Told ya it wasn't so hard 🙌

Configure the WordPress data source on your WeWeb's site

Now, it's time to go on your WeWeb's site and to configure the WordPress data source.

First, activate it by clicking on data and then on the WordPress plugin.

A popup should then appear, with the configuration of the plugin. Simply enter your WordPress site URL. Leave the rest as is, we've already prefilled that for you 😉

Then, you'll choose which query to add to WeWeb. A query is a way to fetch specific data from your WordPress site, like posts, pages, users, images, etc. We've already prefilled posts and pages for you, but feel free to add a new query or edit these ones.

ℹī¸ To edit the queries or try new ones, you can refer to the WPGraphQL plugin's docs.

Click "Save queries" and WeWeb should begin synchronizing your posts and pages (it can take some time if you've got lots of them).

That's it, you can now use your WordPress site's content inside WeWeb 🚀

Now, time to do something with this data!

To bind some WordPress data to a page element, follow this tutorial
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