Styling sections or elements is easy in!

For each of them, you'll always find quick accesses and a gear icon 👇

They all enable you to change the design of an element or section:

Quick accesses differs between different types of elements or sections but serve the same purpose: enabling you to quickly edit styles.

The gear icon opens the sidebar with all the designs' options 👇

In this sidebar, you can find several sub-categories:

Specific: all the element or section specific design options

Sizing: options to handle the size, like the width

Positioning: things like alignement or CSS position

Spacing: margins and paddings

Background: background colors or images

Borders and Shadows: well, this one is pretty explicit 😆

Transform: CSS transformation properties like translations

Custom CSS: an input to enter your CSS directly

Others: less used CSS properties

Transitions: CSS transitions from a state to another
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